Dark Stalkers

Dark Stalkers Players Guide

Special Rules for Dark Stalkers

*Character Creation:

Your character starts off as human and then you add a monster template.
As Human you get a Free Edge
Characters are defined by attributes and skills, collectively called “Traits,” and both work in exactly the same way. Attributes and skills are ranked by die types, from a d4 to a d12, with d6 being the average for adult humans. Higher is better!
Every character starts with a d4 in each attribute, and has 5 points with which to raise them. Raising a d4 to a d6, for example, costs 1 point. You’re free to spend these points however you want with one exception: no attribute may be raised above a d12.
• Agility is your hero’s nimbleness, quickness, and dexterity.
• Smarts is a measure of how well your character knows his world and culture, how well he thinks on his feet, and mental agility.
• Spirit reflects inner wisdom and willpower. Spirit is very important as it helps your character recover from being shaken (see page 68).
• Strength is raw physical power and general fitness. Strength is also used to generate your warrior’s damage in hand-to-hand combat.
• Vigor represents endurance, resistance to disease, poison, or toxins, and how much pain and physical damage a hero can shake off.

Skills are learned abilities such as Shooting, Fighting, scientific knowledge, professional aptitudes, and so on. These are very general descriptions which cover all related aspects. Shooting, for example, covers all types of guns, bows, rocket launchers, and other ranged weapons.
You have 15 skill points to distribute among your skills. Each die type costs 1 point (starting at d4) as long as the skill is equal to or less than the attribute it’s linked to (list beside the skill in parentheses). If you exceed the attribute, the cost becomes 2 points per die type. As with attributes, no skill may be increased above d12.
Example: Fighting is linked to Agility. A character with a d8 Agility can buy Fighting for one point per die type to d8. Buying a d10 costs 2 points, and a d12 costs another 2 points.

Charisma is a measure of your character’s appearance, manner, and general likability. It’s 0 unless you have Edges or Hindrances that modify it. Charisma is added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls, and is used by the GM to figure out how nonplayer characters react to your hero.
Pace is how fast your character moves in a standard combat round. Humans walk 6” in a round and can move an additional 1d6” if they run. Write “6” on your character sheet beside the word Pace. This is 6” on the table-top—every inch there represents 2 yards in the “real world.”
Parry is equal to 2 plus half your character’s Fighting (2 if a character does not have Fighting), plus any bonuses for shields or certain weapons. This is the Target Number (TN) to hit your hero in hand-to-hand combat. For stats such as d12+1, add half the axed modifier, rounded down. For instance, a Fighting skill of d12+1 grants a Parry of 8 (2+half of d12), whereas a d12+2 gives a Parry of 9 (2+half of d12+2).
Toughness is your hero’s damage threshold. Anything over this causes him to be rattled or worse. Toughness is 2 plus half your hero’s Vigor, plus Armor (use the armor worn on his torso). Vigor over a d12 is calculated just like Parry.

3.* Edges & Hindrances*
Great heroes are far more than a collection of skills and attributes. It’s their unique gifts, special powers, and tragic laws that truly make them interesting characters. Characters can take Edges by balancing them out with Hindrances. You’ll in a complete list of Edges and Hindrances later in this chapter. Look for more in our Savage Settings.
You can take one Major Hindrance and two Minor Hindrances. A Major Hindrance is worth 2 points, and a Minor Hindrance is worth 1 point.

For 2 points you can:
• Raise an attribute one die type, or
• Choose an Edge
• For 1 point you can:
• Gain another skill point, or
• Gain additional money equal to your starting funds (if you start with $500, you gain an additional $500)

Once you have built the character you then add Realm Bonus. Each Realm gives you a bonus dependent on the Realm. You will also Gain one of the following Edges for Free:
• Horrid Edge: You were once a monster that has gained humanity
• Arcane Background: Psionic. You must choose a mutation see Arcane Background: Psionics for more information.
• Arcane Background: Witchery. You start with the Witcheries of your realm.
• Technomancer Edge: You have the ability to use old world technology.

As you level up you will get access to certain powers that you can purchase as if they were additional edges.

Starting Gear

You can purchase any item from the gear section of the book. Futuristic weapons, guns, or anything that requires power can be purchased but cannot be used unless you have the Technomancy Edge. All such items also cost twice as much to purchase due to their rarity. Please view the Technomancy rules below.  
New Edges*

Granted Faction
You collect Faction in a group of your choice. You gain 2 faction points if your negative, 1 faction point if your positive.

Horrid Edge (Enhanced)
Prerequisites: You may have only on enhanced Edge at a time. May purchases this once per Rank.
At one point you were a monster that have regained its humanity. Perhaps by a curse or you discovered compassion within, you have changed from a full blooded monster to that of a human. You still have ties to your monstrous past and can continue to grow in the direction. Each time you purchase Horrid Edge you slowly become more monster like as you grow fur, spines, and fangs.
Gain 5 Horrid Points

Realm Healer
Prerequisite: 1d6 Spirit and 1d6 Vigor
You ignore all wound penalties when you roll for natural healing.

Scar Sight
Prerequisite: Spirit 1d8
You can look through a scar into the next Realm. You can see what is in front of the scar but not around it. It is like looking at a 2 dimensional picture. This effects only your sight not any other senses.

Spirit net
Prerequisites: Spirit 1d6, Knowledge Computers 1d6, Technomancer
You have the ability to access the collective consciousness using any information storage device such as a computer or cell phone. You can learn a lot of information using this ability giving you a bonus to a Knowledge check. If you succeed you get +1d4. This bonus goes up by 1 die type for each raise, maximum 1d12. This can only be used on knowledge a lot of people in the area have access to. If you use Spirit Net in a realm that never encountered undead, learning about undead would be useless. This is left up to the GM.

Technomancer (Enhanced)
Prerequisites: You may have only on Enhanced Edge at a time
You have the ability to use old world technology. It gets powered in your hands. You do not have to worry about Ammunition. You need to use a skill: Technomancy (Tied to Spirit). If you make a Technomancy Skill Check you can use the item for X – Amount of time. Some items, like cars can run for hours, some other items run for just a round or two. This is just to activate the item which takes an action. To use the item still requires the proper skill rolls.
If you roll a 1 on the skill and Wild Card Die, the item malfunctions.

Technomancer Supreme
Prerequisites: Seasoned, Technomancer Edge
You No longer have to worry about malfunctions. You can double the amount of time the item is activated for.

Horrid Creatures

The power of monsters run in your veins. Once per rank you can purchase the Horrid Edge which gives you 5 Horrid Points to buy these abilities.
Horrid creatures are people who have become monsters and have recently learned to be human again. Your wings disappear and your thick scales turn to soft flesh. Your spines and fangs vanish leaving behind normal teeth and hair. In fact with the exception of a few issues you look nearly human. How human is completely dependent on the player and the Story Teller.
The change could have come on suddenly as you raise your claws above your head, ready to strike down an innocent child, your heart is moved by its suffering. Perhaps an ogre picked up a scarf that looked vaguely familiar and over the next couple of months, he looks at it slowly remembering what he used to be. Both way the change is painful and those who awaken as a Horrid Creature.
You barely remember the time as a monster but will sometimes see flashes of your previous deeds. You might encounter a victim of you suffering only to be filled with rage and remorse. You might find yourself in a graveyard filled with terrifying images of those you have murdered.
Each time you take a Horrid Edge, only once per Rank, you slowly change yourself into the monster you freed yourself from. Perhaps you want to regain the monster you once were or maybe you feel that your monster side is what is needed to battle others of your kind.
If you wish to become the monster you once were you must take Horrid Edge each rank and upon reaching Legendary Rank, you must perform a horrendous and monstrous act. This act must be reminiscent of what you would have done as monster. A Vampire may drink a virgin dry or a hell hound might sunder an innocent with his teeth. It is up to the Story Teller if it is enough for you to become you old monstrous self. At this point you become an NPC and forget the time you were a Horrid Creature.
When you purchase a Horrid Edge you also get a weakness. A weakness comes in many different flavors.
1. Material Weakness – You take extra damage from a particular material. Fire or silver is common. Any damage from these sources grant a -5 to your toughness vs that’s kind of damage.
2. Environmental Weakness – You are weak in a particular environment such as sunlight or near water. Anytime you are in this common environment you take a -2 on all dice rolls.
3. Fear – You have a fear of a particular creature or thing. This causes you to make a spirit roll or become shaken. You will remain shaken until the item is removed from your Presence or you make a Spirit check -2. Even though you are not shaken you get a -2 until the source of your fear is gone for all rolls.
4. Hunger – You need to feed on something unusual. Blood or fresh meat are common. You must have at least a pint of fluid or a pound of matter each day or you gain a -2 to all your rolls until you feed again. It must be something that is difficult to come across but common. Human blood, fresh meat, salt water, soil from a certain area, sand, ETC. You cannot use Lasting Feed with this flaw. If you go 3 days without slaking your hunger you drop to -4 to all your rolls. If you go 6 days you need to make a vigor roll or die.

Acidic Touch
Horrid Points: 3
You deal damage to inanimate objects. You deal 3d6 Damage by touch. Each time you purchase this you increase the damage by 1d6.

Horrid Points: 1
You no longer age, magically or otherwise.

Horrid Points: 4
You gain a +2 to your toughness that counts as armor. Each time you purchase this ability you gain a +2 to your toughness.

Attack, Melee
Horrid Points: 3
This grants you a melee attack damage of 1d8 plus your Strength. Each rank you may purchase this ability again, Maximum 5d8 plus your strength damage.

Attack, Ranged
Horrid Points: 3
You gain a ranged attack or an elemental type of your choice. This attack deals 2d6 damage. Each time you purchase this ability you get a plus 1d6 damage (Maximum 4d6) or may choose another elemental type. The range of the attack is 10. You may use this ability twice your Vigor a day.

Attack, Burst
Horrid Points: 4
You shoot energy (Your choice) out and hit everyone within 2 inches. They roll Agility check or take 2d6 damage. Each time you purchase this ability after the first you gain a +1 to your range and damage. You may use this ability twice your vigor per day.

Attribute, Super
Horrid Points: 5
You can gain a +2 to any Attribute roll, not skills. You can only purchase this once per attribute.

Horrid Points: 5
You Gain a swim speed equal to your movement. You also can breathe underwater. You gain a +2 to all swim checks.

Horrid Points: 5
Robots, golems, and other animated objects are collectively called “constructs.” Some are sentient beings while others are mere automatons following the will of a hidden master.
As a construct you are considered both living and non-living matter. Attacks like Acidic Touch can be used to damage you.
Each time you purchase these abilities you gain one of the following abilities.
• Constructs add +2 when attempting to recover from being shaken.
• Constructs do not suffer additional damage from called shots (unless otherwise specified in their description).
• Construct Wild Cards never suffer from Wound Modifiers.
• Constructs do not suffer from disease or poison.

Dark Sight
Horrid Points 2
You can see in natural darkness. This reaches out 30 feet for each time you purchase this.

Horrid Points 5
Air, earth, ire, and water form the basis of the elemental realms, wherein dwell strange, unfathomable creatures.
When you purchase this your Toughness is considered 5 less for one element chosen by the Story Teller. If you are a Fire Element ice may be your weakness, if you are earth, lightning might be your Achilles heel.
Each time you purchase this Edge you gain one of the following abilities.
• Elementals suffer no additional damage from called shots.
• Elemental Wild Cards never suffer from Wound Modifiers.
• Elementals do not suffer from disease or poison.

Energy Resistance
Horrid Points: 2
Choose an element type and gain +2 to Toughness to that energy type when being damaged by it.

Environmental Protection
Horrid Points: 3
You can survive in one kind of extreme environment. You treat this environment as if it was a city street and do not suffer any effects. You still can take damage you could normally sustain from falls, poison, or inability to breath. Select one of the following:
• Artic – Natural Cold does not bother you
• Desert – The heat does not affect you and do not need additional water
• Vacuum – You can breath and not get damage even in the depth of space
• Water – You can breathe underwater, does not help you to swim.

Horrid points: 3
Each time you run you gain +1d6 to your run dice.

Horrid Points: 4
As an action you can cause a person to be shaken. Roll your spirit vs target spirit. If you roll higher the target is shaken until it makes its next spirit check. Each time you purchase this ability after the first, your spirit check is made at a +2. This range equals to half of your spirit.

Horrid Points: 2
You gain a +2 to all fear checks. This does not affect your Weakness.

Horrid Points: 5
The first time you purchase this you have the ability to hover. This does not give you the ability to fly or prevent damage if you fall but you can move over difficult terrain without issue or set off pressure sensitive traps. As long as the surf ace underneath you can support your weight you can hover over it. If you end your movement over a surface that can’t support you, you will sink.
The second time you purchase this you can fly 6 inches a round. Each time you purchase this you gain an additional 2 inches to the flight. You must land after flying or you fall. You can choose to hover instead of flight.

Horrid Points: 6
At the first level of this power you are more like a thick liquid. You can move through small openings but only an inch per round. You also gain a +1 toughness. However when you are intangible your strength goes down by 1 die type. The second time you purchase the power you become immune to all physical damage (Energy still affects you) and you cannot hold any physical items (Clothing and equipment changes with you). This ability only lasts for 10 rounds per day. The third time you purchase this ability (You must be Heroic level) you can use this ability for up to 20 rounds per day. The fourth purchase (You must be Legendary Rank) can hold this form for 30 rounds per day.

Immunity to Disease
Horrid Points: 3
You are immune to Diseases. This cannot be used with a weakness.

Immunity to Poison
Horrid Points: 4
You are immune to poisons. This cannot be used with a weakness.

Horrid Points: 3
Make a contested Spirit Check against a target within 6”. If you succeed he rolls two dice (And Wild Die if a Wild Card) and he takes the lowest of all dice rolled. You may use this Twice your spirit per day.

Horrid Points: 3
You can jump in a single direction without making any checks. Each time you purchase this the Further you can jump. When you first purchase this you can jump horizontally 4” and vertically 2”. Each time you purchase this ability your horizontal movement increases by 4” and your vertical movement increases by 2”. This does not prevent damage from falling.

Lasting Breadth
Horrid Points: 1
You can hold your breath for 5 times as long as normal. If you purchase it again you can hold your breath indefinitely.

Lasting Feed
Horrid Points: 1
When you first purchase this, you can last twice as long between feeding. If you purchase this again you no longer need to eat or feed.

Lasting Sleep
Horrid Points: 2
You do not need to sleep. You still need to rest for 8 hours but do not fall unconscious. You are still aware of your surroundings and can do light activities.

Horrid Points: 3
You have an extra limb you can use just like your normal arm. This does not give you extra actions but you can you use this with multiple actions. You also get a +1 to any check required to grapple or grab a target.

Low Light Vision
Horrid point 1
You ignore all penalties for dim and dark lighting allowing you to see normally.

Horrid Points: 5
You have the ability to make yourself look like another humanoid. You can adjust your size by 1 foot. You cannot grow additional limps. This grants a +4 to pass yourself off as another person. This lasts for 10 minutes. At the end of the ten minutes you can use this ability again or turn back to normal. This takes an action to change your looks and when you change back you are immediately shaken. You can use this ability ten minutes per day for each time you purchase it.

Mental Shield
Horrid Points: 3
Anytime your effected by a mental ability (Not including fear), they get a -2 for each time you purchase this ability.

Movement (Special)
Horrid Points: 4
You choose a special movement type and you are able to move at your normal movement rate: Swim, Climb, Wall-Walking, or Jumping. You do not need to make a check to move and move your movement rate. Each time you purchase this ability you gain access to another Special Movement.

Paralyzing Touch
Horrid Points: 5
Your touch can slow people and even freeze them in their tracks. Each time you purchase this ability your touch can reduce a person’s move by 2 inches. If their movement is reduced to 0 they get a -2 for all physical checks and skills, each inch they normally would be slowed. If they get a penalty equal to the maximum of their agility (-8 Agility being d8) they cannot act at all. They get a unmodified Vigor check at the end of each of their turns to remove these penalties. The penalties do not stack.

Horrid Points: 5
You’re Strength and Vigor immediately increases by one die type but the rest of your Attributes and related skills drop 1 die type. Your form shifts with this ability, growing hair and sharp teeth. Each time you purchase this ability you can increase your Strength and Vigor score by 1 die type (Maximum 12) but your other Attributes and related skills drop 1 additional die type (Minimum 1d4). You can use this ability equal to your unmodified Vigor times per day

Horrid Points: 5
You purchase this ability you can reach items and creatures up to 2 inches away. Each time you purchase this ability you gain 1 additional inch in reach.

Horrid Points: 5
Each round that you are injured you can use an action to attempt to heal yourself. Roll 1d6. If you roll higher than the damage you have you heal one level of damage. This does nothing for Shaken. You have penalties for injuries as normal.

Shape Shift
Horrid Points: 4
You have the ability to change into a different creature. When you purchase this ability choose two of the following abilities. It can be the same ability twice (Grow claws that deal 2d6 Damage). Once selected you cannot change the abilities selected.
+1 die to an Attribute (Maximum 1d12), -1 Die to an Attribute (Minimum 1d4)
Melee Attack 1d6
Toughness +2
Parry +2
Flight 5 Inches
Climb 5 Inches
Swim 5 Inches
Each time you purchase this you can choose another form you can shift into.

Horrid Points: 4
You gain +1 to your Toughness rolls for each time you purchase this. Each time you purchase this you gain +1 to Reach.

Horrid Points: 2
If you can attack an opponent and catch them off guard you deal them additional damage. Each time you purchase this ability you gain a +2 to damage if the target is unable to see you or is unaware of your presence.

Horrid Points: 4
You can blend in with your environment and even become invisible. When you first purchase this ability you gain +1d6 to your hide checks. The second purchase you blend into the background and can move. Form this point on anyone needs to make a notice check to target you, -2 for each time you purchased this ability. Anyone who attacks you make an attack at -2 for each time you purchase this ability. You can use this ability your Agility rounds per day.

Super Senses
Horrid Points: 2
When you purchase this ability you gain enhanced senses. When you purchases this twice, you can see in complete darkness. When you purchase this three times you can see invisible creatures. Even blind, you can see. You also gain a +2 to all notice checks each time you purchase this ability.

Horrid Points: 4
You have the ability to move objects with your mind with a successful Spirit Check. When you first purchase you can move objects up to 10 pounds 6 spaces. When you purchase it a second time, you can move up to 50 pounds 6 spaces. When you purchase it a third time, you can move up to 100 pounds 6 spaces. When you purchase it a fourth time, you can move up to 200 pounds 6 spaces. You can use an object as a weapon deal 1d6 damage for every 50 pounds an object is and requires a Shooting Roll. You can move an object someone else holds or a creature but must succeed at a Spirit check again. Target makes a Strength Check. Whoever is high succeeds. You can move a target as well 6 spaces. Range 12”
You can use this ability one round times your Spirit a day.

Horrid Points: 4
You can speak to other sand read their minds. First time you purchase this ability you can send your thoughts to one Target. Each time you purchase this you can send to one additional target. If you purchase this a second time you can read thoughts of willing targets. At the third purchase you can read surface thoughts from a target, requiring a contested Spirit Check. At the 4th purchase you can pull out any thoughts from a thinking target requiring a Contested Spirit check -2.

Horrid Points: 5
You can teleport anywhere you can physically see. You can teleport 4” and you gain +2 each time you purchase this ability. You can teleport with another willing target at a -2 to movement per target that you touch or is touching you. You can only teleport things that are willing or what you carry.

Horrid Points: 2
When you first purchase this you can understand any language. When you purchase it again you can read any language. When you purchase it a third time you can communicate with any language. This does not help you translate things that are in code.

Horrid Points: 5
Prerequisite: Only purchases at Character creation.
You gain a +2 to toughness checks. You need to pick a diet: Raw meat, Blood, Brains, Liver, or hearts. You cannot gain sustenance from anything else but this substance of your diet. You are immune to disease and poison. No other edge or ability cannot remove this flaw.

Horrid Points: 3
You grow large wings. Gain a +5 to All Toughness checks from falling each time you purchase this. You gain a +2 to Balance checks. When you purchase this a third time you can glide moving 1 inch in a chosen direction for every 3 inches you fall.

Additional Rules

Arcane Power Background (Enhanced)
Witchery – When you access Arcane Power Background you have to select which Realm of powers you are learning. Dusk Witchery allows you to work with and harm the undead while the Beastlands Witchery allows you to speak to and control the beasts of the world. The powers are connected to each of the Kingdoms and only Skilled Mortals can use them.
If you get an Arcane Power: Witchery you must select the kingdom it is based on. Arcane Power Witchery: Shard. You can purchase this Edge multiple times selecting a different Realm each time.
Witcheries are Unique as there are no skills involved, your body regulates the arcane powers. It is just and Attribute Check.

Psionics – These are allowed and you have access to the abilities in the books. However, people with Psionic Powers are obviously different from other human stock. They have a physical mutation that does not have any in game effect other then they are marked as different. The difference must be difficult to hide (Takes 15 minutes and possibly makeup). Also some of these may effect skills (Hiding in the dark with glowing eyes may give you a penalty to Stealth checks). These should be discussed beforehand.
It is also important to note in some areas of the Realms Psionics are akin to devil worship or dirtying the stock and they will treat you like garbage. In these areas you can get a penalty to your Charisma anywhere from -1 to-5 (Depending on the area)
Random Mutations:
1. Strange color skin (Blue or silver)
2. Glowing eyes
3. Over grown arm
4. Horns
5. Oversized mouth
6. Glowing aura
7. Extra vestigial limb
8. Third Eye
9. Long twitching tail
10. Strange benign tumorous growths


Those who use Technomancy have the ability to use Old World Technology. They have the ability to activate guns, computers, and other technological wonders that lay dead in other people’s hands. The length of time the item works depends on the item themselves.
You need to make the Technomancy check only once. You cannot make the check again until the same amount of time it was working has passed. Example: A weapon will work for 10 rounds, and then will not work for ten rounds. A raise will double the amount of time the item will work for but this will also double the downtime of the item.
• Cell Phones: 5 Minutes
o One person can activate this phone and it will make one other phone of the Technomancer’s selection to work.
• Computers: 10 minutes
o This computer works and can access information stored in the hard drive. If you have the Edge: Spirit Net and you can access the spirit net using this.
• Weapons: 10 Rounds
o You do not need ammunition.
• Vehicles: 1 hour
o You do not need gas.
• Other: Varied
Some items may be so worn down that the times listed above may be shortened while some maybe of excellent quality that the length can be increased. Some items maybe so damaged that they break after they have been used. This is completely up to the Story Teller.

Enhanced Natural Healing

Natural healing has been enhanced due to the energies of the realms. Humans have lasted as long as they have due to the unnatural healing powers. No matter which realm you are in you Make a Toughness check every day as you have Damage. If you have 3 levels of damage, you get to make a Vigor check every 3 days. A Success means you heal that level. Now you have two levels of damage and can make another check in 2 days.


In Darkstalkers Charisma is important but so is Faction. Though you can gain Charisma using the normal routes, by working with and doing jobs with factions in the game, Your Faction Score will increase. Like Charisma you gain a bonus to people of that Group Faction. This stacks with the Charisma bonus.
Faction should only be used if you benefit that faction in some way. If there are two warring factions or two factions that have two different philosophies you could gain Faction in one group and lose it in another.
Everyone starts out with no faction in all groups. As you work with groups your Faction with those groups will rise and lower. Maximum Faction you can get is +5 and the lowest in a faction you can get is -5.

Gaining Faction
Gaining faction is usually more difficult than losing faction. Doing small jobs should not immediately gain faction but helping a group reach a long standing goal can increase the score. Also the higher you go the more difficult it is to gain faction.
1. You work with a group often doing small jobs.
2. You help the Group out in a moderately beneficial way.
3. You help the group out often, risking your life in the process
4. You are a big contributor to the group and have made major changes in the organization.
5. The group depends on you for guidance and leadership
Sometimes people will not sell you particular items until your faction score is high enough. In a world where water is rare, you may need a Faction score of 3 or higher to be able to buy water in large amounts. Or a group that studies and use old World Tech may only sell to you if your Faction score is 4 or higher. It is up to the story teller to determine what Faction you need to purchase what items.

Losing Faction
Losing faction is easier then gaining it. You can go from high levels of Faction in a group to negative levels in a few minutes. It is up to the Story teller what can or cannot remove faction. In the end it should be reserved as a story telling tool to show that you are wronging people of the Group.
1. You are caught lying to the group
2. You have done things that harmed the groups goals
3. You have accidently killed a member of the group
4. You have murdered a member of the group
5. You are publicly murdering people of the group or you have destroyed a system of belief for the group.

If you end up with a Faction Score of -3 the people of the Group deem you a threat and will attempt to kill you, but only if they see you. At -4 they may go out of their way to kill you. At -5 they may hire people to put an end to you.

Temporary Faction
Faction is a commodity that is used throughout the Realms. You can give temporary Faction to people. This can get people through areas that they are hated on your good word. This, however, can be a dual sided blade because if the person you vouched for does wrong, your Faction can sink to his level.
To do this you publicly announce that the person is under you protection. This will increase his faction by as much faction as you have. If you have Faction 3, the target’s faction increases by 3. However, if while under your protection the target does something negative to adjust his faction (Caught lying to a high ranking member or down right violence to any member) your faction drops to equal the person you were vouching for.
Example: You have a Faction of 5 with The Red Hand, a group of Assassins. Kass the priest needs to speak to their leaders. You vouched for the priest and bring him to the leaders to talk peace treaty, you are temporarily giving him a bonus to his Faction for the Read Hand equal to yours (in this case bringing him to 0). However, the Kass double crosses you and attempts to assassinate the leader. Your Faction Drops to Kass’s regular faction (in this case -5).
It is a dangerous game to play, but you can also get to places you normally could not if someone vouches for you as well.
People who collect faction with other groups just for use as currency are called Guides.




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