Dark Stalkers

3/13 - Child Murders

the Group finally found the ruins of WildWo and the first thing they encounter is a rat the size of a garbage truck. Before the thing could attack the rat is set upon by a ton of giant cats. Instead of being the desert of the winner the group ducks into the nearby building only to find 2 kids with home made spears waiting for them. This is quickly followed by a new player showing up and followed them inside.

After an uncomfortable time they make a truce and Spook and Newt take them back to their hide out. Apparently they have been stuck in Misery for 3-6 months. they get to a super market only to find 6 more kids being run by a third, nearly teen. A “You should eat them”" joke later to the new comer causes tension. then when someone mentioned the leader of the kids had breasts it went to full melee.

Stewart dropped a Darkness globe and Alex decided to shoot one of the kids with a lightning bolt. This did not bode well for the kids. The new comer charged through the darkness and attacked one of the kids and basically cut him in half. This caused the rest of the kids to attack and stabbed him to death with some good lucky hits. When the darkness fell and 5 of the 6 kids were dead, Stewart came out of no where and attacked Alex who caused the issue. Stewart ended up killing Alex, while Angel stood back from all the combat and laughed at the chaos.

They lost faction with the group (BIG TIME) and there were only 3 kids and their leader left. Alex and Toni (The new comer) died.

What will happen next….



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