The 13 Realms

Each Realm is a mirror of this world. Each is its own domain, run by its own alien rulers. A forest of giant trees in one reality might be rocky spires in another. The only thing they have in common is the sundered bits of the old world strewn about the landscape. While in Shard, Earth elementals walk through rocky hills before find themselves in the middle of the remnants of a mini-mall. Zombies in Dusk wonder the plains and cities of once was New York. A Fairy who lives in Arcadia has taken up residence in what used to be the White House, only to summon goblins to his aid when it feels threatened. Giant rats stomp around the Sewers of Los Angeles, beneath the Beast Lands and Angels demand worship on what used to be Mount Rushmore.

Simply imagine all of our planet diced up and placed within 13 different dimensions that similar in landscape but different in look. The only unique parts of these lands are from the remnants of the old world.

Each realms Denizens feed on mortals in some fashion. Some feed on the flesh, others feed on spirituality or the pain they inflict. The beings of Lovecraft steal the sanity from the mortals a little every day.

1. Arcadia

A land of all things Fairy where the creatures torment humans because of their whim. The land is madness as a High Class Fairy may spend years treating you like a lover and then overnight treat you like dinner. Time works strangely here, a baby stolen today may be returned tomorrow as a middle-aged man.

2. Beastlands

Giant beasts and were creatures hunt the woods.

3. Dusk

A land of perpetual night run by creatures of the dark. Vampires and undead rule the night and ghosts and ghouls wonder every home. The sun rarely shines for more than a few hours a day.

4. Kenophet

A land of endless deserts, pyramids, mummies, and other creatures of the Fire Sands. Creatures hide under the sands and grasp unwary travelers.

5. Lovecraft

A lawless land that name is beyond human speech and filled with the most alien of monsters. Tentacles, feelers, and chitinous things hide in deep fog. People are used to fuel the nightmares that dwell in the dark. Nameless creatures that can only be thought of by the insane.

6. Misery

A land of hellish delights. Filled with lust and wraith demons fly overhead and pluck random mortals to torment and eat. The unlucky ones are granted immortality and tormented for hundreds of years.

7. Nirvana

A land which is the polar opposite of Misery filled with beings called Angels but it is far from heaven. The angels use people for substance, stealing portions of their souls with forced prayer every day.

8. Noka

A world of the underground. There is no skies but just endless caverns. Some caverns are so large that the ceiling were viewable. However the caverns hold dangerous abominations, slimes, and albino creatures.

9. Oceanus

The oceans are filled with monsters and huge creatures, dwarfing even the largest dragons of Shard.

10. Permafrost

A land of eternal winter. Even in the deepest of summer, the polar bears and ice worms infest the land. The days lasts for weeks and the nights seem to last for months.

11. Shard

A land run by living elementals. Rocks, creatures of water, fire dragons made of fire and magma.

12. Steelvien

A land of constant steam and ringing of anvils, the Dwarves, goblins, and Golems run the underground using mortals as labor. They are worked until they die and then their bodies fuel the fires.

13. Thype

A land of endless swamps filled with creatures brimming with venom. The goblin clans playing their banjos hunt weary mortals who hide from swamp monsters.


The 13 Realms

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