The World of Dark Stalkers
The world as is…

Imagine a world where you look up at a warped red sun, turning the sky a purple instead of blue. You work to toil in dead fields of vegetation, drying to get water to them in the dying earth and hope the meager vegetables that they provide will get you through another year. You look up at the clouds that rarely produce rain and you look down at earth that used to be brown is now a sickly gray. You wipe your brow and notice the sun is slowly returning the horizon. The people all about you are rushing to get inside to the safety of their homes before the night reclaims the world.

The door slams shut behind you and you hastily lock the doors. You breathe heavy as you lean against the door. You hear frantic footsteps in the darkness as your Neighbor, Fredrick Anderson, failed to return home from his hunt before the sun set. You close your eyes and you try to pretend that the footsteps are not followed by the pursuit of something unnamable and large in the darkness. You begin to hum to yourself as you hear the screams erupt around you. The screams break off and you hear the sounds of bones breaking and meat ripping.

You shakenly get up and walk to your room to check on your wife and children only to find that they are being fed upon by vampires. They look at up at you and with a flick of their wrist the door slams shut in your face. You turn around and walk to your favorite chair. They will not kill them, you hope as you stare out into the silver cloud filled skies. They need you all alive after all.

You hope. You open up a book filled with fairy tales, filled with lifesaving advice. You look out at the window and watch as zombies slowly walk through your town. You have a glimmer of hope as the moon breaks through, showing the skeletal remains of ancient skyscrapers from hundreds of years in the past.

Welcome to the world of Dark Stalkers.

The world of Dark Stalkers is one of alien creatures and human’s as pets and slaves. The 13 Realms divide the world into 13 different hells for human beings being hunted by creatures that were once human but now are immortal. In the darkness, some of those creatures are waking up to their humanity. The magic that once claimed them as nothing but monstrosities has now weakened and now they are under the control of their own humanity.



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