Dark Stalkers

The Road So far

After a huge party turned into a supernatural mess, the heroes awaken in the middle of the woods laying down on what used to be a foundation of a crumbling ruin. The sky was dark yet looked on fire and they find out they are in a world called Misery.

They were attacked by little demonic goblins who wanted to bring their remains back to a Lord Slag! They are defeated quite quickly leaving the once humans to slowly get accustomed to their new forms.

That is when the strangely powerful jester known as Mister Trick and his Ghost Dante showed up and explained that everything they knew was gone and if they wanted to get their world back they needed to gather the pages of the Spell book that did this to them.

Sounds like a Collection Quest….I wonder if it will be just that easy…

Who is this Lord Slag? Who is this Mister Trick? Can you trust him?

They decided to avoid Lord Slag and head of to the ruins in hopes that they will find themselves a better realm then they are in. I mean, how much worse can the other realms could be…

Time will tell.



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